How much sand do I need?

Laying synthetic turf - for light traffic areas, aim to cover the area to a minimum depth of 100mm which should compact to a finished level of 75mm (3").

3MM Cracker Dust is also known as Quarry Sand or crusher dust and is most popular at the moment as a base under synthetic turf.


Laying pavers - this depends on matching the surrounding levels but you should aim for a compacted minimum of 50mm (2") for light traffic areas(foot traffic).

                               -if driving on paving then a minimum of 100mm (4") of compacted cracker dust is recommended to stop subsidence of pavers

3MM cracker dust also works a treat to impede ants from coming through your paving if used as your final screed when laying.


Laying bricks - the general rule is 1 cubic metre per 1000 standard house bricks.


Length x width x .05 or .075 = ? cubic metres


6x4 trailer = approx .7 of a cubic metre

How much stone do I need ?

Covering garden beds - this also depends on matching surrounding levels but 50mm (2") will achieve minimum coverage. If using stones or pebbles to cover garden beds its advisable to put weed-mat under stones or pebbles to suppress weeds for longer and helps stop stones mixing with soil below


Length x width x .05 or .075 = ? cubic metres


6x4 trailer = approx .7 of a cubic metre


Don't hesitate to contact us for helpful advice on how much sand or stone you will require; and the best, most cost effective way of getting your materials to the job.