Crushed brick chips mixed colour but maimly red

Brick - Chip

round cracked pea gravel orange/brown in colour

Pea Gravel

Crushed quartz stone commonly known as rainbow stone, marble stone has pinkish/white and goldish/yellow coloured stones mixed

Marble Stone

50mm riverstone also called river gravel and crushed riverstone


Crushed basalt rock 20mm in size called blue metal
Graded 20mm limestone rock used in gardening for pathways and feature

20mm Blue Metal

20mm Limestone Chip

Crushed basalt rock, from dust sized mixed up to 14mm usually called scalps
picture of 3mm cracker dust aslo known as quarry sand or crusher dust
Road base gravel to main road specifications good for driveways and roadways, council verges, pathways, compacts hard


3mm Cracker Dust

Road Base Gravel


All Riverstone is available for sale individually, bagged or in Bulka Bags

50mm diametre round smooth riverstone can be used to make pet rocks

 Riverstone is a beautiful natural stone great for garden beds, pots and water features. Adds that extra element to any landscape.

Round riverstone in garden with black concrete stepping stone edged by plants

50mm Riverstone

40-90mm polished graded riverstone

40-90mm Riverstone

Large river stone landscaped into shape of stream surround by native plants and shrubs
Large smooth riverstone 150mm plus in diametre pinkish in colour
10-20mm crushed riverstone
20-40mm crushed riverstone

Large Riverstone 150mm+

10-20mm Crushed Riverstone

20-40mm Crushed Riverstone


Polished pebbles are only available in 10kg Bags

Crushed 20-25mm snow white quartz stone

Crushed Snow-White

Washed quail stone is a black stone covered in white speckles

Quail Stone

30-50mm Polished black riverstone

Polished Black Riverstone

River stone used in landscape arond base of tree in circular shape

POLISHED PEBBLES add class and sophistication to any aspect of your home, from simply having a few scattered around the cactus plants or complementing the centre piece of your garden.

Polished pebbles are ideal for water features, around the top of indoor & outdoor pots, fish ponds and tanks. Crushed Snow-White is a beautiful elegant way to say I care when placed on Memorials.

Smooth round snow white quartz stone 20-25mm in size

Smooth Snow-White

Bags of mixed polished riverstone

Polished Mixed Riverstone


Made by nature over thousands of years' natural rocks are the center piece of any garden.

Large piece of cut donnybrook stone

Donnybrook Stone

Large piece of green toodyay stone

Toodyay Stone

Large natural limestone rock

Natural Limestone

Pallets of Kimeberly Stone, moss/bush rock, limestone boulders, toodyay stone and donnybrook stone
Random granite rock wall

Natural Rock looks fantastic in the garden they are so versatile from the centre piece of a garden to a practical   

Pallets of moss rock aslo known as bush rock has a lot of moss coverage on rock
pallet of moss covered rock also knwn as bush rock

Pallets of Moss Covered Rock

solution such as retaining walls to level that problem area.

Large moss covered rock
Random off cuts of kimberley stone ideal for crazy paving

Kimberley Stone

If you have any specific requirements to types of rocks or sizes and shape please send us a request and and we will our best to find your rock. We have a huge range of natural stone in stock no two rocks will ever be the same so make that special statement in you garden. 

Random flat moss rock