Black Mulch
Premium grade mulch crushed jarrah and karri bard, blended with peat.
For best moisture retention and weed suppression spread a minimum of 50-100mm thick. This is a popular mulch for every garden
Enviro Mulch
A course blend of composted tree lopping, shredded jarrah and saw dust.Spread between 50mm -100mm thick, a coarse natural mulch used for moisture retention and weed suppression.
Marri Woodchip
Marri Woodchip A beautiful natural Australian hardwood. A lovely ground cover used to enhance the appearance of garden beds
Bush Mulch
A blend of wood slithers and jarrah fines. An excellent ground cover reduces weeds, great water retention. Cost effective and suitable for general gardening
Mushroom Mulch
A blend of composted blue gum fines, straw and pig manure. Spread evenly 100mm thick, adds nutrients and breaks down quicker to build up soil and retain moisture.
Blue Gum Fine
A coarse blue gum saw dust great for chook pens, horse areas and soft fall. Can be used as mulch great water retention, a budget friendly option.
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RECOMMENDATIONS when using mulch:

  • leave 100mm away from base of plant as not to "suffocate" plant and cause stem rot.

  • a thicker layer of mulch will last longer, retain moisture longer and suppress weeds better.

  • a light water after laying will help settle mulch.

  • to "freshen" look of mulch and also help with moisture penetration lightly turn top layer every few months. 

  • well composted mulches that contain manure reduce nitrogen draw down.

 Freshly mulched garden beds

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